What apps do we need in order to grow our business?

We use Quickbooks Online. There are many apps that integrate with QBO or with other accounting softwares. We hear that most companies use these apps to manage and grow their business. We are an accounting practice so I would like to know which apps you recommend we sign up to?


The question is backwards.
First understand what needs you have. Then figure out which apps you need, in order to solve those problems.

As an accounting practice, in the beginning you may not need a CRM. Your email contact manager is probably sufficient. Especially if you are on a budget. Don’t spend money you don’t need to.

Employ the resources you need if/when/as you need them.

I’ve seen companies make this mistake. They go all out and they get all the resources together. They build their dream team, and they pay for every app they could possibly need from core accounting to making pretty flow charts (Lucidcharts is awesome btw).

Then they look around and there isn’t enough business to support all of the expenses.

Start with what you need. Then add on as you grow.

You add apps for one of two reasons:

1. You have the need, and the efficiency created will make you more profitable (especially since you’re not charging by the hour).
2. Or you are now making good money and you can afford to spend some of it, so you want to play around and see what you might like, and what might help.

If you’re in a very defined niche, it may become clearer what apps you need and what apps to put your clients on. But even then, I would say only use the apps if and as the need arises. Just because there’s an app for the industry, doesn’t mean you need it. This has to be measured. I may be able to get on just fine managing a law practice with QBO, and a cloud based project management app.

So although there is Clio for the legal profession, I may not need it, or maybe not right away.

Bottom line, be practical. Be very practical about this.

Seth David is the Chief Nerd and President of Nerd Enterprises, Inc. A company that provides consulting and training services in accounting and software. Consulting services range from basic bookkeeping to CFO services such as financial modeling.