What advice would you give an entrepreneur who’s pretty bad at sales calls?


Sometimes the solution to your problem is as simple as looking in the mirror:
Talked to a business owner the other day who reached out because his conversion rate was like 2-3%.

Not talking a sales page conversion rate… actual on the phone consult conversion rate.

In case you don’t know, that is really really bad. lol.

Part of the reason his numbers were this low was because he wasn’t getting the right people on the phone to begin with.

Not by a long-shot.

…BUT his biggest frustration is even when he did get clients on the phone who were “good fits” they always delayed and never made a commitment on the first call.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to predict this prospects behavior at the end of our call lol

Despite feeling the offer was “the answer to his prayers” any sort of commitment right on the first call was considered “premature and amateur” in his own words.

…and this same person has the audacity to wonder why people aren’t making decisive commitments with him! 🤦‍♂️

Powerful lesson here:
– You will always project your own baggage onto your clients.
– If you’re someone who always seeks comfort in the mediocrity of indecision, so will your clients.
– If you’re someone who always has to research and figure out every little detail before being able to take even a minute level of action, so will your clients.

Like attracts like.

Either set STANDARDS for yourself to be the type of client you want to attract…
…or be willing to TOLERATE attracting your own shortcomings in all areas of your business.

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Try selling your product via social networks. Instagram, for example, it’s handy, easy and effective. Also, there are plenty of services that help you optimize your work.


I completely agree with the first advice. try looking for the right person. I remember when I was still a salesperson no matter how good your product or service if you pitched it to a wrong person you will not go anywhere. Another advice is to know your product and believe in it. If a person sees that you really know your product or service he will be impressed. You may also bank into social media to let your brand be known.

Also, you may try writing good quality content to attract leads and potential clients.


You need to hire sales manager!)