Since I’ve become and entrepreneur I feel like I’m climbing towards an unreachable peak. Does anyone else share this feeling and how do you handle it?


If you’re like most entrepreneurs then you’re probably chasing your own tail…

Believing that…
“If I could only get to just 10k/m and quit my job….”
“If I only could get a rock star sales person to close for me…”
“If I could only get my team to run my business for me…”
“…THEN I would be able to [insert surface level reason why I will finally be HAPPY]

Nothing will put you out of the game faster than the fruitless pursuit of the idea that your life will be easier/better/more enjoyable than it is today.

Still pursue your highest aspirations but STOP pursuing this never ending cycle of guaranteed self-misery.

…instead, learn the art of acceptance and falling in love with the process.

…learn how to create a sense of union and oneness with your work so that every single day you wake up, you become grateful for your PRIVILEGE to play the “game” another day.

Do this and you’ll find that you will no longer feel like you are tirelessly clawing up the mountain towards what seems unachievable…

…but that you are paddling downstream towards your goal faster than you ever were before.

And not to mention, enjoying the process along the way 😉

Woke up on this great Saturday excited as I’ve ever been to be able to commit myself 100% to my work and wanted to share this with anyone who’s ever felt like there’s a distant place of happiness out there in which they’ll finally “arrive”.

My advice to you
Learn to fall in love with the process, and you’ll discover that you’ve been at that place all along.

Cole Gordon is the founder of Gordon Advertising LLC, helping e-commerce brands in the health & fitness market increase their email database by 20-100% systematically WITHOUT spending money on advertising.