My business hasn’t been growing over the past few years, would you recommend using a mentor to understand what I’m doing wrong and how to break the pattern?


Accurate decision making in any part of your life will make you or break you over the long term.

If you’ve been stuck at 5k/m for 3 years and reach out to someone doing more than 100x that revenue for mentorship.

The mentor has started where you started, is significantly further ahead than you, and has helped 1000s of similar folks get way past where your goal is currently set.

If you think it’s LESS risky to keep exhibiting the same pattern of behavior that has kept your business underperforming and stuck for the past 3 years despite being financially able – then god help you lol.

You will NEVER get to where you wanna go if you’re always taking counsel from your fears people.

Lil rant for today 🚂

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