I’ve been trying to sell phone cases & apparel items to the hiking niche in the past 5 months, using paid campaigns on Facebook, but haven’t had much success. Should I move on to another niche?


I don’t think moving on is the right solution in this case. You’re only 5 months in, which is business terms is nothing. I think you just need to re-evaluate what your business is.

You’ve zoned in on the hiking niche which is great (most people struggle finding their niche) so you now just need to look at what products are your target audience going to be buying.

Are phone cases the product that these types of people will want to purchase? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe try selling them along side other items.

How about selling clothing with your logo on them. Turn it into a brand that hikers want to wear. How about selling a hiking kit along side everything else? Don’t have to be anything too extravagant (water bottles etc).

It totally depends what you want from the business. Yes, some of the products may have to be purchased in bulk and can’t be POD or dropshipped, but that’s what can set a business apart from the rest. Those that are willing to invest into their idea.

I think the other important decision is are you solving a problem or building a brand (either is fine and totally dependant on what you want from the business).
If you’re solving a problem, what problem is it your solving? (e.g competitors are too expensive, slow delivery times, poor customer service). If you’re solving a problem make it clear what problem you are solving.
If the aim is to become a brand then that will probably change how you market (influencers are great for that). Think Kayne West, you pay a higher premium for his clothing line because of his name.
If the aim is to become a brand that all the hikers want to use, then push for that.
It all just comes down to what you want to achieve from the business.

Ben Henry is the Technical Director at Mind Yer Website Ltd, Yorkshire based, web development agency, specialising in Shopify E Commerce.