I’m not making any progress at growing my bookkeeping clients list. What am I doing wrong?

Shan Mikkelsen , Founder & Director | Launch Marketing Brisbane Industry Expert · Monday, February 25th, 2019

Almost every bookkeeper I talk to has a problem getting clients… And I ask them, what are you actually doing to get clients?

They usually tell me they are:
[+] joining meetup groups
[+] hunting for clients from online job postings
[+] writing blog posts
[+] asking friends and family for referrals
[+] networking
[+] relying on referrals

IF you are below $10K/month and doing any of these, STOP.
The problem with doing all of these things is that there’s too much scattered action.

So what’s the key?
Focusing on ONE strategy and nailing it till you get to $10K per month.
Extraordinary results are directly determined by how narrow you can make your focus.

You need to be doing fewer things for more effect instead of doing more things with side effects. Going small is a simple approach to extraordinary results.
… And it works.

WHY? Because it has only one purpose –
To ultimately get you to the point, which is growing your bookkeeping business without spending HOURS doing all of these meaningless tasks.

So here’s the takeaway:
Stop relying on referrals, stop writing eBooks and stop searching for clients on UpWork.
Find a strategy that works and go all in on that…

If you don’t know where to start, I suggest:
1. Cold email – Get a list of your ideal clients and send them a short, simple and easy to read email that is to the point. Say that you’re able to help them, and that you’re available for a call. KEEP IT SIMPLE… The reason why people say cold email is “dead” is because they are filling their emails with useless information and….
… they don’t know where to find the RIGHT email addresses to contact.

2. LinkedIn and LinkedIn automation. Connect, message, view and endorse.
LinkedIn is a goldmine for the accounting and bookkeeping space, make good use of it.
Map out some templates that are easily adaptable, value based and non “salesy”. Give value, give value, give value and ask to hop on a call if they’re a good fit.

Shan Mikkelsen is Founder and Director at Launch Marketing Brisbane, helping firms in the financial industry grow by leveraging the power of social media marketing and social media advertising.