I’m a Shopify seller and I use Quickbooks desktop, should I connect QBD with Shopify to track my sales?


Don’t do it.
There are apps – Shoplink, Commerce Sync, Connex, Autofly etc. – that supposedly do the job but they don’t work well. What I mean is that these app sync all your data from Shopify but every once in a while there’s a bug or a glitch and some data goes missing. It’s not easy to notice those glitches and super frustrating when you find out too late…
I’ve tried all of these apps and still prefer to balance the shopify reports manually every month.
Don’t forget that QBDT is not a database, therefore it won’t sync well with tons of transactions coming in automatically from Shopify.

I hear Shopify has a better integration with QB Online, but I don’t know much about it…