I’m a first year accounting student, what should I focus on?


Volunteer at a local VITA clinic next semester. See if you can get credit for the work.

Also consider minoring in marketing, starting a blog, and taking a class or two (even if it’s not for credit) on networking.

Any college grads biggest risk, at least in my part of the world, is being unemployed out the gate. This is especially true for what we’d call technicians. In accounting those are the smart people who can’t hold a conversation. They are the first people to go when a recession hits and the least likely to advance.

If you can consistently put food on a firm’s table you’ll never not be able to find someone to hire you. On the off chance nobody is looking you’ll be able to provide for yourself.

Jerrod Oltmann is the owner of J.P. Oltmann, partnering with local tax firms to help their clients with IRS Examinations/Audits and Collection Activities.