I want to use content marketing promote my accounting business. Would you recommend hiring a content strategist that charges $500/month to help create content?


The biggest question to me is what is included and what do you need.

A lot of the social media and marketing folks out there charge premiums and offer a lot of extras that you don’t use or need.

Does your current strategist have a tax background?
We have a local marketing intern who handles some of those items and we only pay her like $300.00. It works well because she handles the work and only sometimes may come with a questions or to ask for a little help with content.

This strategy has worked great for us plus it has been more reasonable than a lot of other services out there. I have found that a lot of the industry-focused services tend to provide generic updates and are a tad pricey.

Brad D. Messner, a Finance and Tax Expert, is a Vice President & Enrolled Agent at M & J Tax Service .