I hear from my colleagues that online marketing is expensive and doesn’t really work. Should I rely only on referrals?


Marketing does work, and price is relative to value.

Success of your marketing is dependent upon many conditions, but to say marketing packages don’t work is disingenuous and untrue.

Some people need more guidance and help than others, or want results faster than referrals alone will allow for. If that’s the case, they either need to invest time to learn some of the principles you already know, or invest money to shorten the learning curve as well as accelerate growth.

I will concede that there is a plethora of ‘marketers’ with no experience running their own firms or people who said ‘oh look a niche!’ who will sell you a bad bill of goods and blame you when it goes south.

Due diligence is critical when investing any sum of money into advertising or marketing professionals.

Tyler S. Clark is an innovative digital marketing strategist. He is the owner of ADcountants, a Digital Marketing & Online Advertising Agency for Accountants.