I have an app that’s called Worldee, it has 460 page views on the App Store and 250 installs. Any advice on how to promote it?


Do you have ways of tracking other metrics?

I’d be curious if people are clicking through and not downloading or if you’re just not driving enough traffic. Know your numbers throughout the entire user experience, from the number of impressions through frequency of use. This info could help you better focus your efforts.

If it does come down to conversions (people landing in the App Store but not following through with the install), here are a few observations to consider:
Worldee did not show up in my App Store search (and I have an iPhone).
– I was able to find it by linking through one of your posts, so that helps!
– I could not download it because I have an older iOS version (I‘m sure I’m not be the only one rocking an older iOS).
– The icon and the graphics are not nearly as exciting as your description of the app here in the post.
– Same with the description, not very exciting.

So your conversions are just over 50%. I couldn’t say if that is good or bad by industry standards, but there is room for improvement. Similarly, you could also stand to gain from more page views.

The graphics come across as conceptual. Why not show a screen shot of the app in action? Especially for a well known attraction like the Eiffel Tower or the Colosseum.

For the description, try to sell the sizzle, not the steak. Techies think and communicate in features (I know, I’m an engineer!), however your users are thinking in terms of experiences, feelings, and benefits. Think how they think and communicate to them in those terms.

Anthony Carra is Owner and Principal Consultant at Business Improvement Group, a multi-faceted business consulting firm.