How to use LInkedIn to promote myself as a bookkeeper?


Many bookkeepers aren’t using LinkedIn to its full potential… And it kills me to see because it’s such a powerful tool. Which is part of the problem, it’s just a tool… And many bookkeepers are taking it for granted.

A tool is only useful if you make use of it. There are over 600 million professionals on the platform. And with LinkedIn’s extreme filters and targeting parameters… you’re able to find the exact person you’re looking for. The ability to refine the scope of your messaging is unparalleled.

Having a LinkedIn profile and expecting people to find you just because you have a professional headshot and a headline that says Owner of ___ Bookkeeping doesn’t work.

You need to be active on the platform. You need work on all areas of your profile including your profile photo, banner photo, headline, biography and experience. This will provide a solid foundation to your LinkedIn outreach.

Once you’ve got your profile, you need to actually reach out to people within your niche. I use a CMVE strategy with my clients, which is Connect – Message – View – Endorse.

If you want to know more about it, feel free to reach out to me, but it is quite self explanatory:
1. Connect with your ideal client.
2. Message them (come from a place of service)… see what problems they’re having, and how you can help them.
3. View their profile, this shows them you’re engaged and are interested in what they do too…
4. Endorse them… double down on it a few days later.

Rinse and repeat!

**Note** It’s important that you don’t spam. Genuinely view people’s profiles and reach out to them.

Shan Mikkelsen is Founder and Director at Launch Marketing Brisbane, helping firms in the financial industry grow by leveraging the power of social media marketing and social media advertising.