How to use email marketing to improve my stores profitability?

Bostjan Belingar , CEO | Hustler Marketing Industry Expert · Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

How much are you making with email? (+ case study $7k/mo to $55k/mo w email)
If you run a typical Ecom store, you’re probably making 5-10% of total revenue.

Peanuts basically.

Is it possible to make more? 10%, 20%, 30% of the total?

Well, it depends.

If you’re an “everything store” drop-shipper, you can forget about high percentages from email marketing. That’s just how it is. With a really good cart abandon and welcome sequence, and some dope promos, you can maybe hope to climb to 10%. Eventually.

The thing is, people simply don’t care about your shi**y products from China. Sure, you can sell it on the front end to impulsive buyers. But long-term, nobody cares. I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s just how it is. The business model is like that.

Does it change if you’re in a targeted niche, let’s say dropshipping male accessories or female yoga pants/leggings, jewellery?

Yes. As long as your product is at least decent quality, the package doesn’t get lost and you offer a solid deal, you will get repeat customers. Things get even better if you run a good IG account and actually work on creating a brand. You keep emailing your list with promos and nurturing content, and a percentage will convert.

10-20% of total revenue is the sweet spot here (if your email is managed by a pro, of course).

Now let’s find the big-ass silverback gorilla, how can you get 30% or more with email marketing from your ecom store?

Well, the first thing you need to do is visualize it really hard. And then draw a nice big vision board… Just kidding.

You need to be in the right niche.

-dog food
-beard oil
-snack boxes

Noticed a trend? Consumables. That’s the key. If you are selling consumables, and you are teamed up with a pro email marketer, you’re probably just smiling and nodding and counting $$$.

If you’re not, you’re probably thinking, damn, why did I also start selling the back support stabilizer… (no, don’t even think about that one, it’s an old fart by now).

Delivery time matters too. Sure, setting up a fulfillment center is annoying and an expensive, but guess what, a 3-5 day delivery is way more appealing than 2-8 weeks.

Of course, all is not lost even if you’re not in the consumables space and you don’t have a fulfillment center. Just amping up your email marketing skills will definitely show results. And no, just blindly copying Ezra Firestone’s email templates won’t cut it.

Good luck to everyone and wishing you nice $$$. Any questions hit me up, will be happy to share.

Oh, you’re wondering how come this guy acts all smart and sh*t? Have a look at a before/after of a large flower store I pimped. (sure, flowers are technically not consumables unless you’re a donkey, but it worked anyway.)
Email marketing performance dashboard

Disclaimer – this is a fantastic brand, that was lacking heavily on email part before I joined. So getting them a shitload more just required some skill and execution. Another thing, this is in MXN pesos, so it’s an increase from 7k USD to 55k USD/mo off of email, not from 140k to 1.1m.

Bostjan Belingar is the CEO of Hustler Marketing, revising and improving all the key automated email flows of online stores.