How to use customer segmentation in order to create a profitable email campaign?

Bostjan Belingar , CEO | Hustler Marketing Industry Expert · Monday, March 11th, 2019

Before reading my answer, please check this screenshot, it’s essential to understand the big idea.
A screenshot of email marketing campaign results

A few things about this screenshot:
👉The total revenue of these 6 campaigns was more than $2,500.
👉It was sent to 3 languages (EN, BR – PT, ES).
👉Open rates are ridiculously high (40% + on average).
👉Segmenting buyer & non-buyers.
👉Segmenting Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail.

Now let me ask you a question. What do you think would happen, if we sent just one same email, to all of those 6 quite different segments, or god forbid, to the entire list?
👉The people in Brazil would get quite confused by the English email, that’s for sure.
👉The buyers would be surprised about how hard we’re pitching. They already bought, no need to be so direct with them.
👉The non-buyers would not get enough social proof and reviews to convince them.
👉The people having spam issues on Hotmail would not receive the email at all.

📈And surely, the spam complaints count would be through the roof. Which would cause our domain reputation to drop. And then over time, maybe over a month or two, our open rates would be around 8% again…A pretty sure indicator of landing into spam.

⛔️Now just to clarify, I am not telling you to send 6 email blasts to your entire list every day. Each of the engaged people on this client’s list only got ONE email. The right email for them.

That’s why we cashed in extra rev $2,500 in a day. That’s why the open rates are so high.

Now look, doing this takes time. ⏳
Creating the right email might take you 1-2 hours. Coming up with the right copy, subject line, pre-subject line. Find the right picture, maybe edit it a bit. Get in that coupon code etc.
Then you gotta test the email. Send yourselves a few previews, do final tweaks.
And then finally segment into proper segments required etc…

It’s like everything in life. Doing good work requires effort. You need to nurture your list, carefully observe and prune it. Not treat it like a swine and just shotgun blast emails into it. Remember, those 50,000 people on your list are real people, just like you and me. 🤗

A few tips to look for when creating the segments?
1⃣Buyers vs non-buyers vs repeat buyers.
2⃣Activity – emails open/website visited in the last 30/60/90 days.
3⃣Inboxing – if Hotmail open rates are much lower than Gmail, you should separate these two.

Hope this helps, now go crush it 😉

Bostjan Belingar is the CEO of Hustler Marketing, revising and improving all the key automated email flows of online stores.