How to set up Facebook ads funnel?



First thing you have to do is reverse engineer your funnel.
– Your product price is $15 and to get a 200% ROI (Minimum), you should spend $7.50/sale.
– An average conversation rate for shopify is 2% – 3%.
So this means you should be spending from $0.80 to $1.50 for someone to view your landing page (CPC). If your CPC is way over $1.50 Kill your Ad .

Remember that from a CPC perspective, it starts by split testing your creatives. When you don’t see any improvement, you split test your headlines then you go and split test short and long ad copy.

Make sure to set your FB Pixel.
If you are testing 》》》
Two Campaigns (Add to cart and PPE) a video for the PPE will do better. Two Adsests max per Campaign , Three Ads per adset (ads must have different thumbnails). First create a lot interested based audience. 300k – 500k per audience (Hope it makes sense).

When I test I use this Formula so I don’t spend more than I should.
You profit x 3 = Max Spend, then Max spend ÷ Spend per day ($7/day or $10/day, depends on you) = Days you let ad run.
Start with a small budget. $7/day is fine. Then when you find a winner, you can start to scale your ads.

Check out for creating great videos.
Video Ads work very well .
You can open your ad copy in this ways:
– With a Question “Do you like Owls”
– Bold leading statement “Dogs are best Pets”
– Controversial (Be careful, don’t be too controversial so your account doesn’t get blocked) “Cats are way better then Dogs”
Try to include some Emojis. but not too much.

Have a strong call to action “Show your cat love & support with this incredible new Cat necklace”
Add two Call to Action.
Click here —- ( Link )
Click here —- ( Link )
Add some type of Scarcity ::-
1. Price – “$20 off Or 50% Off”
2. Time – “Only For This Week”
3. Limited Supply – “Only Available to the next 50 People”
4 .Sale “Super BLOWOUT Sale”.

Again, when you start running your ads make sure that your Facebook Pixel is set up right.
Send your audience to a Product Page.
And please, Keep IT SIMPLE!!! remember, this game is about TESTING.

Sidwell N Thwala is an online marketing professional who helps E-commerce businesses build their brand and reach new customers on social media.