How to perfect my sales calls pitch?


I’m seeing a lot of service providers WAY WAY WAY too concerned about trying to perfect the scripting of their pitch prior to their sales calls…

Look – being able to explain your offer succinctly and clearly in 2-4 simple steps IS important, yes…
BUT – focusing too much on the scripting itself will make you sound scripted, cause your prospect to disengage and not take you seriously.

If you want to give your prospect the feeling of “this is EXACTLY what I have been searching for” when they hear your offer than a sure-fire way to NOT accomplish that is trying to script your offer word for word before you even speak with them…

Instead, you must tailor your pitch DURING the call so that it’s specific to their pain.

Here’s the easiest way to do this – state the reason WHY each component of your offer is important and also the COST of not doing or having that component based on specific problems they told you they’re struggling with on the call.

For example:
Say you have a weight loss offer and your prospect has forever struggled with keeping off the weight once they lose it.

And let’s say one of the core components of your program helps them have a winning mindset and healthy eating habits right from the get-go so that once they’re finished with their diet they keep the weight off for good.

So when you explain this part of your offer, it’d go something like this:
“…So first, we focus on your mindset and help you build healthy and sustainable eating habits. The reason this is important is because it ensures that once you lose the weight, you keep it off. Remember how you mentioned that you always seem to regain the weight you’ve lost 12-16 weeks after finishing your diet?
Well the reason why MOST dieters regain the weight they lose is that they fail to change their habits to begin with. Your habits determine your behavior. And if you never change your habits, your behavior will always lead you back to where you started in the first place. Makes sense?”

I’m not a weight loss expert, but hopefully you get the point. The important aspects of the above example are:
1) You told the prospect why it’s important.
2) You told them why it’s relevant to them by bringing up something they had said earlier on the call.
3) You told them the COST of not doing this which automatically validates what you’re telling them as TRUE.

See how you couldn’t script this beforehand?
It’s entirely dependent on what THEY tell you during the call.

… but when you can explain you offer in 2-4 steps and explain each step with this exact framework, it’s going to leave your prospect saying “this just makes total sense and is exactly what I need” every time.

And then it’s time for you to close 😉

Happy selling,

Cole Gordon is the founder of Gordon Advertising LLC, helping e-commerce brands in the health & fitness market increase their email database by 20-100% systematically WITHOUT spending money on advertising.