How to know if Ben Brown’s ‘Million Dollar Firms’ marketing program is right for me?


What I’m about to tell you might hurt my sales, but I don’t care.

I was just looking over my YTD P&Ls, and it got me thinking…

The way I think about how to run my businesses is drastically different from what I thought just eight and a half months ago.

And it had damn well better be.

Since 1/1/18, I’ve spent $32,417 on business education – one-on-one coaching, online courses, and mastermind memberships.

I love learning about new ideas…

My birthday present to myself was to go on Amazon and buy $300 of books, mostly on business and entrepreneurship, but a few works of history and philosophy too.

But honestly, as I sit here at my desk reflecting on all my blessings, it’s a little bittersweet. My gratitude is mixed with sadness.

You see, I get a lot of questions from people who are wondering if MDF is right for them, as opposed to some other program.

This question deeply saddens me, because to me it means their mindset is out of whack…

Now, if you’re one of those people, please don’t take offense. I want to help you. Hear me out.

The truth is, that’s not how knowledge works. Critical thinking requires an understanding of context.

Context is fundamental. To be the best problem solver in your field, you must have the best sense of context.

You need to invest in learning many different types of knowledge both within and related to your field. You need to understand all the competing ideas and theories and how they relate to each other.

As a practical example…

When conducting research on a tax issue, do you stop at the first article, publication, or regulation you find?

I hope not.

No. Instead, you look at several different sources, and in the process your brain begins to develop a well-rounded appreciation for all of the different options available to you.

It’s the same way when it comes to business education.

If you only buy my program, you will learn about marketing and sales and many other things, but you will have no context. You’ll have nothing to compare it to.

Now, I spend a lot of time and effort working to create the most effective vehicle that I can to help you all get more and better clients, and I’ve got the results to prove that what we do works.

You can get incredible results by investing only in my program. Many people have.

But I’m only human. I have many biases, most of which I’m not aware.

There are things that I take for granted that you might not ever think of, and vice versa.

If you’re not satisfied with mediocrity…

You have to make a commitment to developing your entrepreneurial skills, the same way you invest in your technical skills by doing CPE, buying reference guides, reading the latest regs, attending conferences, and so on.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

And the reality is, you’re going to get a much better ROI on business education than you will on accounting and tax education.

I’m not saying that staying up to date on the latest accounting standards and tax laws isn’t important. Of course it is. It’s a requirement to serve your clients well.

But it’s not gonna move the profit needle nearly as much as investing in business education and coaching – learning how to increase the value of your services and the effectiveness of your marketing.

So yes, I think you should buy my program. But you shouldn’t stop there.

You should buy Veronica Wasek’s courses on pricing and client acquisition.

If you’re an CPA, EA, or attorney, you should buy Michael Rozbruch’s tax resolution program and Dominique Molina’s tax planning program.

You should buy Christopher G Ragain’s courses on marketing and practice management.

You should buy Andrew Argue’s program.

You should also buy some marketing and sales training programs that aren’t specific to accounting and tax firms…

Anything by one of the masters of the craft – Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, Sam Ovens, Grant Cardone, and so on.

The point is, you need a variety of viewpoints and perspectives to develop the most effective strategy for YOU based on YOUR goals.

The modest success I’ve had is a direct result of doing exactly this…

Paying to learn about a bunch of different strategies from a lot of different people, testing all of them, and scaling the ones that were most effective for me based on the specific outcomes I wanted to achieve.

So always be trying to broaden your horizons. You have an obligation to yourself, your family, and your employees to continually advance your business knowledge.

Now, I’m not saying to go out and do this all at once. This is a process. It’ll take you 3-5 years and anywhere from $15-25k to buy and implement all the trainings I listed above, testing and adjusting as you go along.

And you have to implement. Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard. Don’t let the instant gratification of learning something new prevent you from actually doing it.

Bottom line… If you want to make 7 figures per year, this is a requirement.

Just as Warren Buffett spends 5 to 6 hours of every workday just reading and thinking…

You have to set aside time to improve your business acumen and entrepreneurial skills.

Invest in you. You’re the most valuable asset you have.

“The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself… The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.”
Warren Buffett

Ben Brown is an accountant, a businessman and an entrepreneur. Ben developed a program called Million Dollar Firms, in which he helps accountants get high-paying virtual bookkeeping & tax clients without spending money on advertising.


I am glad that you pointed out that we can’t stop at 1 program, but you can’t assume that that is the reason why we are asking. Some of us are asking because we can’t afford to throw money away.