How to grow my business on Instagram and what mistakes should I avoid?


Instagram is where you can meet your brand goals, then you take your audience to Facebook.

1. Feed Consistency.
2. Account clean up (Have active followers).
3. Follow people in your niche and engage with them.
4. Optimize your bio.
*Get straight to the point. Your username should appear on all your social media accounts and be the same.
* Have a call to action.
* Use emojis.
5. Have user generated content.
* People get excited being posted on brand’s IG page.
* You can design a submission page where your customers can submit content.
6. Use lead magnets.
* Give out a chunk of value for an exchange for their contact information.
7. Work with influencers.
* Start with small influencers and work your way to the top.
8. Post at the right time.
* Posting 1-2 times a day . 3 being the max .
* Every once in a while post outside business hours.
9. Follow industry leaders and model after them.
* Don’t copy them but get a clue and put your own spin to it. Find posts that are doing well and duplicate them.
10. Post with the right frequency and consistency.
*Don’t promote your product a lot. Create value.

1. “One time Big Time ” paid marketing campaign.
*A lot of people who have access to high marketing budgets are very impatient to promote their brand on IG.
* Start with small influencers and work your way to the top.
2. Promoting Direct Conversation Links
* By promoting directly to your conversation page, you may not have the qualified the traffic well enough for you to convert those into paying customers. Leading to wasting time and decrease in ROI.
3. Unreasonable suspicion of influencers.
* Be aware, there are lot of fake influencers on IG.
4. Choosing to be anti-social.
* Many marketers just create pages and blast out content, they don’t engage with their audience.
* Reply to all comments and also network.
5 .Relying on substandard photos and videos.
* Make sure you post high quality photos and videos.
6 .Your content should be on existing demand and interest.
7. Failure to repost other niche-specific content.
* You should leverage other peoples successful content.
8. Failing to call IG feed views to action.
9. Failure to use hashtags and using the way out.
* Make it a habit to use hashtags.
10. Posting off-niche content.
11. Having a weak caption.
* Your caption should be engaging.

Sidwell N Thwala is an online marketing professional who helps E-commerce businesses build their brand and reach new customers on social media.


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