How to convert a company that’s searching for an in-house bookkeeper into a client?

In the want ads there are many companies searching for bookkeepers to work for them. I was wondering how to convince a company like that to rent my services as a remote bookkeeper.

Tyler S. Clark , Founder & CEO | ADcountants Industry Expert · Thursday, December 13th, 2018

I’ve had some success with this. Here’s a simple step by step guide to help you.

1. Is this client in your niche or are you attempting to work with everyone? If you’re not niching into their space, odds are they aren’t going to care.

2. Assuming it’s a right fit for you both, when you send the introductory message you need to make sure that your expertise in their field is super super clear. Not only are you WILLING to do the work, you are ABLE to do the work. Hiring someone fresh does not guarantee either of those, they may be willing, but they don’t know what they don’t know about bookkeeping for a “niche” and whose going to teach them? The busy owner? The person that they fired or who has one leg half out the door? I don’t think so.

3. The whole point of you opening email/response needs to be driving them to a phone consultation where you can demonstrate why you are the right choice for their business. Emails back and forth will lead you nowhere fast.

4. If they sign up, great, if not, don’t forget to follow up with a friendly courtesy message every couple of months. Don’t let the time you spent nurturing that lead go to waste… If they had a problem before, then it’s more than likely that they took the same path again and will be in the same spot again looking to hire in the near future. If you show consistency, you’ll have a higher chance of winning that job the 2nd or even third time around. Consistency trumps all things.

Bonus tip:
Don’t forget to do a cost-benefit analysis. What does it cost in terms of time (hiring, training, rehiring, retraining) and money (paying for training, benefits, salary, etc) vs. working with your firm from the jump. It’s one thing to paint a savings picture, it’s another to show the true value proposition of your firm’s expertise and how it will fundamentally change their lives for the better!

Hope that helps!

This answer was written by Tyler S. Clark.
Tyler is an innovative digital marketing strategist. His marketing agency provides the systems and solutions for a new generation of Airtight Accountants.