How to attract new clients so that they’ll come to me instead of chasing them?


Such a short form of a complex questions….

I don’t think a snippet of info on The Law of Attraction will do anything more than distract.

I recommend a more thorough reading of books such as “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” or even more contemporary reads such as Russell Brunson’s “Expert Secrets”.

If there was a simple one-sentence answer to get clients to come to you, then I think there would be no such thing as a failed business and we’d all be successful at everything we touched.

Veronica Wasek is exactly right in that you have to provide value first and then earn your status as an authority in your industry.

Too many business owners think they can put 15 minutes a day into a blog post or social media updates and that that is all it takes – a very “if I build it, they will come” type of mentality. But that just isn’t reality. Getting clients to come to you is the entirety of direct response marketing.

Dan Kennedy has a terrific book called “No BS Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing Businesses”. He was giving it away as a Free+Shipping offer for a while; not sure if he still is or not. I took notes on the book a couple of months ago for my team internally and then decided to share with clients.

You can download a copy of my book notes and commentary here.

Jace Campbell is ‘The Profitable Growth CPA’. He is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Focus & Scale, a consulting agency that helps business owners with an urgent need for profitable growth.