How do you feel about Social Media Marketing. Does it help small businesses? Can you see the advantage?


We are of course a bit biased because that’s what we do haha… but yes of course there are advantages!

I just recorded a Facebook live video about this. You have to be clear about your goals, what you are trying to achieve and how you will do it, to see the advantages of course.

We often just hear “I want to make more sales” which isn’t exactly a clear goal. But if you said “I want to use Facebook ads to generate more clicks to my website so I can start to convert more website visitors in to paying customers” (just as an example), then it becomes more clear…

Social media marketing is a massive umbrella… you have to choose the platforms first and foremost that make the most sense for your unique business and then work a strategy from there 🙂

Brittany Hardy is the Owner and Social Media Manager at Empty Desk Solutions, a Canadian company providing top notch social media management services to small business owners in British Columbia.