E commerce sellers, what accounting software do you use?

What are you using accounting wise for your E commerce business?
Is Fetcher a good option in your option? I need a software that keeps track of everything sales tax wise.
My accountant suggested QuickBooks, but I'm not sure. I read in facebook groups some contradicting opinions about it.
I heard that many sellers still use excell. How you manage that?



Your accountant is right. I also recommend Quickbooks.
About Fetcher, well, it is not a true book keeping program.

In my opinion excell is a bad idea because excell isn’t suitable to manage an accounting system. Trying to conform it into one is not a good use of time since you can just get quickbooks.

Just stick to what your accountant told you… Quickbooks is used by many small businesses and it is very affordable. Using quickbooks will save you money during tax time. You just send your accountant the quickbooks file

If you sell on Amazon then it tells you how much sales tax they collected in the sales tax reports. I’m guessing Shopify and Ebay have similar reports.