Do you think that being on Social Media Marketing is important? What are the main advantages?


Being on social media has become necessary to have exposure in many cases.
If you aren’t but your competitors are, you’re behind!
Not only just social media, but specifically Facebook Messenger. This is something that not many businesses are utilising that can put a business miles ahead of their competition!

Messenger right now seems to be what people want to use to communicate with brands. Email open rates are dropping and you and I both probably have an email inbox just full of emails we will never read from different companies.

You can’t argue with the 90% open rates you get with Messenger.
Messenger offers a way for people to now have a “conversation” with a brand, which is invaluable.
I use Messenger, and chatbots, to deliver promo codes and follow up with people, bookings, scheduling appointments and all kinds of stuff!

Since the open rates are so much higher than in email, people WILL read what you send them so the messaging needs to be fun and conversational.
Highly recommend!

Eric Bussey is the owner of Enhanced Audience, helping businesses reach new customers and engage with their current ones.