Do you recommend social media marketing for a real estate agent?


Facebook campaigns and Google ads for B2B would require knowing many factors:
– Type of business.
– Goals.
– Who is your key audience.
– Where do they hang out online.
– How can we reach them.
There is more to it than this, but there is a bit of a process to follow to see what would and wouldn’t work for your business. No one size fits all solutions anymore.

Social Media isn’t going to be the best solution for you given your profession. It might be a small part but not a key focus. If I were a real estate agent SM wouldn’t be my top marketing plan priority my.

Social media is a tough sell for a Real Estate agents, for a variety of reasons:
– Market saturation.
– Type of relationship you must have with your clients.
– And lastly because the decision-making process is usually very long.

Because of the true nature of your clients, their long term decision-making process, quantifying social media efforts is very hard. It MIGHT work if you have a lot of capital to put in. I’d focus more on relationship marketing. Networking groups (face to face) maybe tight-knit local facebook groups, etc. Don’t put a ton of money into social media marketing. It won’t work.

People say you just need to find someone who knows how to do it, but in my opinion it’s not gonna happen on social media. If you have a very large budget and you’re a well known local name then maybe. Real Estate Agents and Insurance Agents on every corner super market over saturation. These relationships are mostly built by referrals – trusted friends, families and business colleagues.

Joseph Kibler is the owner of Creative 7 Designs, Inc., an interactive multi-media company specializing in Website Design, Marketing, and Graphic Design.