Do any of you Shopify sellers use apps to upload data (sales, transactions, COGS etc.) into your accounting software (Quickbooks, Xero)?


I have tried several apps but now I upload all the data manually. I recommend you do the same.
Let me explain why and then I’ll tell you how I enter data to QB.
It’s very difficult to get all your data from Shopify in the correct format. And it is equally difficult regardless if you use Xero, QB Desktop or Online since you’ll need the same data for each one of these softwares. Remember, you must have all the data – Inventory, COGS, Fees, sales tax, transactions and so on – The data has to be synced be and up to date.

So there are a number of different apps but, in my experience, all of them have sync problems. If you use these apps you end up wasting time manually correcting inaccurate data that was uploaded into your accounting software.

Don’t only take my word for it, you’ll find a lot of complaints about sync problems and data sanctity If you check the Shopify app store for reviews and search in the relevant Facebook groups and see what people write.

For example, this is a 1 star review from a few days ago about the Quickbooks® Sync by Bold app:
“I started paying for this app a month ago to help integrate my Shopify with QBO. It has been a total waste of time and money so far. I’ve yet to have a sync happen properly and the setup has been a nightmare with nearly ZERO support. I’ve left voice messages and sent emails asking for someone to actually hop on a quick call with me, and all I get are occasional email replies with half the solution to the issues. I’m exploring other apps to satisfy my needs.”

Here’s another review that says the same thing basically:
“This app isn’t great. Not sure if Quickbooks or this app, but things don’t sync well. And product inventory syncing is one way only – from Quickbooks to Shopify – I want it the other way round and you can’t. Such as shame as I want to use the product inventory elements of Quickbooks, but this makes it impossible.”

The app has a 3.1 overall rating, so there are quite a few 5 star reviews as well. I guess some people are happy with is, but I just don’t trust it.

It is a similar situation with the Xero® Integration by Bold app:
“I have had a very poor experience with this app due to bugs that create syncing errors. The support team is very slow to resolve open issues and does not provide technical details. The Shopify API is often to blame but it works better with Zapier.”

This review says it loud and clear:
“We have been using this app for over 2 years now, I would avoid if you were looking for a seamless integration, the app has plenty of flaws and bugs that will result in inaccurate information being fed though to Xero, causing huge amount of workload that requires manual correction.”

So my solution, and I know that many other people do the same, is to simply download all the data from Shopify into a Google Sheet where I can review all the data, delete or edit and then import it.
I know this is not an automatic process but it’s definitely worth it if you take into account all the time you’d waste correcting data, not to mention the incorrect data that you’d miss.

This is my opinion, I know other people do use apps for sync but I can’t speak as to how they manage it.

On a side note, I’d like to encourage people to use Google Sheets rather than MS Excel (I prefer Google sheets over MS Excel because it’s saves automatically any minor change in the cloud and our team can collaborate easily.)


My preference is an Excel spreadsheet. In Excel it is possible to automate more actions than in Google Sheets. I have an Excel spreadsheet in which I can automatically load my Shopify sales and then the right numbers for my doing my taxes pop up through formulas.