Can anyone provide tips on how to land more clients and grow my bookkeeping practice?


Growing your practice is fantastic. There is a lot of work involved in doing so, it is not only rewarding for you, but for the people you work with.

Different people will give you different answers to your question though. You can network (in person or virtually), you can share information and become the “go to” person that people trust. And you can reach out to friends and family to get started.

There are many different ways to grow your practice. The one piece of advice I can say is don’t let physical location hold you back. Having customers from around my country (and outside of it) has shown me that by opening my eyes to how broad I can extend my net has only increased my ability to find customers that work well with me. And that my friend has made the biggest difference in how my practice has grown. 🙂

I am a believer in showing colleagues that there is more than one way to obtain new leads and customers. Our business has been built this way.

Tammatha Denyes is the owner and founder of TD Accounting Services, helping grow the profitability of the community, one business at a time.