Can a bad Google ads setup hurt a business?


I have a story about how an awful ads setup can’t hurt a business, which goes well.

I’ve got a new Google Ads client.
Account was set up long ago by someone. Client is pleased, ads are working with profit.
I’m watching and feeling crazy.
80% of the budget is wasted on irrelevant keywords. Something like wedding dresses advertised on keywords like “buy dress online” (not client’s case, just an example).

80% of budget is wasted.
Website is very imperfect.
And client is still pleased and profitable.
Conversions on irrelevant keywords were enough to cover all efficient spends and even earn something.

At the same time search volumes on relevant keys allowed to spend all of the budget on them and still not to get all possible traffic.
Just imagine the lost profit. For the same money there was a possibility to get almost 4 times more sales (if conversion rate and CPC are the same).

2 Conclusions:
1. There is a reason, why “Promotion” is the last of 4P. It follows more important points which often determine success. Good product, which customers want to buy, will fly even with bad ads.
2. Even if you think your ads are ok, sometimes it’s worth to check, you can find some growth points.
If you’re interested in Google Ads audit, PM me 🙂

P.S. This client came only because his ads suddenly stopped. They put redirects to the website and all ads were declined due to them. Easy to fix by urls replacement.

Vlada Nesterenko is the owner of Universal Exports, providing internet marketing, PPC and web analytics services.