Would you recommend Instagram as a marketing channel for accounting firms?


We use Instagram regularly.

We work with a lot of artists, designers & millennials so it makes sense for us. We’ve sort of developed our brand and post photos sometimes with tax or bookkeeping tips listed below (not on graphic itself).

I’ve probably gotten 4 new clients from Instagram in about 6 months of utilizing it/building up our brand. And its so fun to meet people and have them say “OMG I follow you on Instagram!” LOL

And I literally just got a new consultation from IG as I wrote this comment! Free advertising for the win!

Edit: During 4 weeks since that comment, I’ve gotten at least 4 more referrals from our IG!

Meg is the founder of Steel City Accounting, it is a contemporary tax and bookkeeping shop in Pittsburgh, PA, that is focused on the creative field including artists, non-profits and bold entrepreneurs.

Check out their Instagram page.