Would you recommend attending Xero’s roadshow in Canada?


They had a roadshow in Calgary. It’s been hosted by Bill Kimball (Xero guy for Western Canada). He also has co-working space in the same place I do and had a Xero event here that I also attended.

I didn’t hear or learn anything new at that event. I’ve had an inactive Xero account for years and haven’t seen the need to make a switch from the QBO platform and the last thing I want to do is support both.
The best thing I ever did for my business was back in Autumn 2015 when I dropped Xero from my list of supported platforms (also dropped Freshbooks and Wave and dropped Sage One a few months before that).

Going into the QBO niche was just what the doctor ordered. Instead of being a generalist in the cloud, being a specialist in QBO brought me more clients and higher visibility including SEO.
A marketing coach friend of mine suggested I find a niche I’m passionate about. This has been my niche ever since.

Don’t get me wrong. Xero is a great software, but they really don’t differentiate themselves in the Canadian marketplace to make me want to go back. I considered going to Xero’s show in Calgary. Bill has urged me to attend but after checking the agenda, I saw nothing groundbreaking. I considered going just to “spy”, but I did the same thing at their last event and I found myself bored.

They do have great swag and are very generous with it. At the last event, Bill pleaded with me to take a “swag bag” (which included on those super cool dual wall metal water bottles I like). I resisted, instead of taking only a pair of socks (which can be hidden!). Their t-shirts are on par with T-Sheets quality but I can’t in good conscience promote the Xero brand no matter how good it is 😉

P.s. forgot to mention that Intuit has something like 400 staff in Canada 🇨🇦
Xero has maybe 20. I don’t see that changing dramatically. They have most of their human assets deployed in NZ and Aus if not mistaken.

Brad Celmainis is a Part-Time CFO, Consulting and Special Project services to private small to medium businesses in the Calgary area.