Would you recommend Andrew Argue’s program for accountants?


I went through Andrew’s program in the Summer/Fall 2016. I attended his very 1st conference in Miami.

Miami was life changing. His program helped boost my confidence and was more of a self-reflection course for me.

Less than a year after his program, I left my job at a CPA firm and went out on my own as an EA. During his program, I met a lot of people and we all became close in the FaceBook group. Everybody helped everybody else. I was part of the 1st group he had to breakup with and deleted from the group lol.

I would say he is definitely a salesmen. I do feel like he was more about the numbers and gaining new clients than the relationship with current participants. But in the end, I benefited from the mindset path he taught more so than the technical linkedin, funnels, etc. stuff.

I’m signing a contract tomorrow with a new client for $6,500/month recurring and will work maybe 10 hours/week because of the automation I’ve set up. I know my worth and I went for it. I wouldn’t have done that prior to his program.

Cherice Johnson is the owner of Space Coast Accounting & Tax Services LLC.