Why do you show your prices on your website?

Don't you think that by showing your prices you may end up losing potential clients?


I believe it’s important to give people a true upfront look at what you charge. I also firmly believe that if they are your ideal client, they will see the value in working with you. Besides, I’m proud to show my charges because it goes hand-in-hand with my experience, knowledge, and value 😊.

My reason for listing prices on my website may be a bit different than why other businesses do it. I’m a business consultant that coaches entrepreneurs and have very specific programs & courses. I chose to put the pricing there because:
1) I want to clearly show how much it is to work with me.
For instance, if someone has a $200 budget for coaching but my charge is more than that, they will see that up front.
2) To lead a prospective client — using their time & yours — down a proverbial rabbit hole would not be using either their time or mine wisely.

Pamela Johnson Lewerenz is a business consultant who coaches ambitious Gen X entrepreneurs how to build successful & sustainable businesses.