What reports are essential in order to reconcile the Shopify Holding account?


There are a few reports that are important and help with reconciling the Shopify Holding account.

Within Shopify:
Export Orders > Transaction Histories.
Separate Cash, Checks, Gift Cards, Shopify Payments.

QBO: Upload to separate bank feeds to confirm and reconcile.
SPLIT PAYMENTS: (Cash Payment, Shopify Payment, Check Payment) additional items have been create to split payments and match for bank feeds. These split payments will need to be entered and added to the individual transaction during the reconciliation process.

Export Payout Report:
– Copy Date + Fees.
– Paste at the bottom of the report.
– Remove Excess.
– Create Credit column for accuracy.

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On the right side of the “Reconcile” screen, select “Match”, then select “Find and Match”. Search by “Name” using the keyword “Shopify” to find all invoices created by Shopify. Once you find all Shopify invoices, select all invoices for that day; the totals should match, and select “OK” to reconcile.