What marketing activities or strategies have you found to be most effective for bookkeepers?


Word of mouth and being “the weird farming bookkeeper.”

That is a niche I have.
The majority of my clients are organic farmers that do a lot of market gardens and make products from their farm.

For example, I have a lady that makes goat soap and a guy that sells root crops exclusively to restaurants. It is very relationship oriented and they speak another language. I would highly recommend finding a farmers market and just get to know the people there first, then pitch your services.

Also here is some viewing material on YouTube:
Anything from Diego Footer (he does podcasts too);
Curtis Stone (the urban farmer);
Justin Rhodes;
And Homesteady.

You will learn the same information from all of these, but they all have very different personalities. My favorites are Homesteady and Curtis Stone. They both tell a story with their products and life.

David Morrison is an entrepreneur bookkeeper that provides services and solutions for small businesses.