What is the best online bookkeeping school?


You have lots of choices, start with googling bookkeeping schools or bookkeeping education. There are many options.

There are ‘certified’ bookkeeping programs and there are programs that cost quite a bit and are well liked but do not offer nationally recognized certification.

I would recommend doing research and identifying the top 3 or 4 options. Create a spreadsheet/table and identify these things:
1. Content of course.
2. Timeline of course.
3. Delivery method (ex: all online).
4. Completely Self paced or not.
5. Videos or Written (think about what would keep your attention and how you learn).
6. Bookkeeping/Accounting content.
7. Business content (do they have content in the program that addresses setting up your business and marketing yourself).
8. SOFTWARE – do they use QuickBooks Online or Xero etc as part of their curriculum so you get hands on experience.
9. Support (do they have email or phone support, weekly conference calls or webinars, does support last lifetime or limited to end of program).
10. Nationally recognized certification…

OK. You should research online and also call or write with questions. Try to find at least 2-3 people who have completed the program and check into their success and thoughts post completion. Once you narrow down you can also post in FB groups and say you have done a lot of background work and have narrowed down to these 2-3 options and ask others for their opinion.

Nothing – no opinion – will really be of significance until you do some homework. I promise if you do – you will ask great questions and get the input needed to make an amazing decision just right for you instead of a surface level decision that will cost you money & may not be the best. Good luck. This won’t take long – I promise. It will be worth it.

Belinda Mikel is the owner of Labrador Bookkeeping & Consulting, helping Practice Owners turn data into actionable information for better decisions & increased profitability.