What alternative accounting software can I use instead of Quickbooks or Xero?


As an alternative to Quickbooks and Xero, I would suggest Tally Desktop.

It’s the most advanced and most economical software that I have ever used. (One of my friends sells it, let me know if you wanna buy, he may give you discount on my reference).

It costs around 600 USD for a lifetime license fee. Add unlimited clients, and unlimited years. Plus it manages tax computation, audit features, payroll etc.

In case of updates, it occasionally (maybe once in a year) charges some update fees ( you can even continue using without buying updates).

Updates usually costs below $100, which is again economical.

Let me know if you need demo link.
( It’s just 88 MB in size, yet awesome and outperforms qbd and other bookkeeping softwares).

Sarvagya jain is the owner of Sarvagya Jain & Associates a Chartered Accountancy firm that specialize in small & mid size businesses.


If you look an alternative software to Quickbooks, I would say Freshbooks is a good choice. However, I think the best option would be custom accounting software because ready-made solutions have a common set of features and they rarely can be customized according to specific needs. In addition, they have lots of limitations. There can be a range of features you don’t need, and third-party systems are rather difficult to deal with. Read this article to figure out what accounting software type would be the best fit for your business.