Quickbooks Online, Xero, Wave and Zoho, which of these accounting softwares do you recommend?


QBO is my preferred accounting software, but it depends on what you need/want. I wouldn’t advise using Wave for anything more than the most basic business.

QBO and Xero are your two best options. Both have apps and bank integration, although I’m not sure which would be more likely to have your credit union. Both give you the option to invite accounting professionals into your books when needed.

If you need project costing do QBO. My preference in that regard is because with QBO you can assign a cost to a client or project without making it billable. On Xero you can’t.

Zoho Books is another option I haven’t spent much time getting to know but they have a large number of programs on their platform that all integrate (Zoho sign, Zoho CRM….). So if being fully cloud based is the goal that is an option to look at as well. Not necessarily recommending it as I’m not familiar enough with it yet but it’s an option.

Rachael Aiello is the owner of Boring Details Bookkeeping, helping small businesses maintain their financial records so they can understand their business.