My new client’s books haven’t been updated in a long time. So how to start the clean up and how to sync the bank statements with QBO?


My process is to run the BS first. Make sure there are no outstanding AP and AR, payroll etc. This will let me know if unapplied payments from customers or to vendors exist.

Make sure no negative amounts on the BS and sales tax etc. have been handled properly.

Run my PL make sure it matches the income that they reported to local and federal agencies
Payroll matches if they have it.

I first figure out where the problems are before I dive in.

Then start with the bank. May have to un reconcile all the accounts but hopefully the transactions are there to make it easier.

Carnisha Rodgers is the owner of Something Different Accounting – A dedicated team of bookkeepers, forensic accountants, certified public accountants (CPA), tax preparers and business consultants.