Is Upwork a good website to find bookkeeping clients?


Yep. I’ve found almost all of my work from Upwork.
My advice is:
– Don’t waste you bids on old posts, and I mean like older than 2 hours.
– Don’t waste bids if they are already flooded with bids or already interviewing
– Bid high to get their attention
– Make your opening line personal. – one liner about the job “let me set up and maintain your Quickbooks the right way” or “hey Steve!”
– Typically the more detail given in the description the less bids they’ll get quickly.
– Check other related keywords: bookkeeping, accounting, cpa, Quickbooks…

I’m part time: I have 9 clients from Upwork. Working 20-25/wk pretty consistently.

Danielle McKinney provides bookkeeping services to small businesses at Add It Up Bookkeeping.