Is QBConnect Toronto, ON similar/comparable to San Jose, CA?


Completely different event in many ways. San Jose attracts attendees from all over the world. I’ve been 4 times and it’s awesome.
I attended the inaugural QBC Toronto last year and it was superb. The Canadian events team is rock solid and they do it in concert with some of the SJ team to ensure the #QBConnect brand is consistent
I’m out west and so want to be there.
If I lived that close it would be a no-brainer.

Attend! You will not regret it. QBC is special no matter where it is because Intuit is behind it.
Intuit is a special company with first rate people. These conferences epitomizes their corporate values to a “t”.
You’ll see.

Brad Celmainis is a Part-Time CFO, Consulting and Special Project services to private small to medium businesses in the Calgary area.