I’m now starting out as a bookkeeper, I’d like to know how did you find your niche and how do you set yourself a part?


It came to me the enormous amount of time that I spent at the gym and /or fitness centers, events, expos. Up until probably a month Fitness was a hobby. During this past decade I have built relationships and friendships with people in the industry and something clicked. I’m shifting my practice to bookkeeping and tax for Fitness Professionals and related business!.

What will set you apart is the way you provide service. People know when you genuinely care for their business. I live my clients business as if they are my own.

You have no idea how much time I’ve struggled with this, probably two years since I started my business. Looking for a niche doing general work for general people.

While being a fitness enthusiast is a passion, I’m also a fitness instructor.. I’m always surrounded by prospects but it never occurred to me to specifically service the industry until I started learning about niches and their benefits…

Transportation is another niche I might get into since I created my husband Trucking business and usually work with drivers, brokers, Dispatchers…

Yandra Viviana is the owner of YVL Accounting & Tax Consultants, PLLC., helping Women Owned and Hispanic Business Owners by taking care of their accounting and helping them save money in taxes.