I’m going to graduate my accounting studies. I live in a remote location so I would like to know how to gain accounting/bookkeeping experience virtually?


Are you experienced with Xero at all? I am currently reviewing resumes for a part time virtual bookkeeper. Xero experience is of big importance.

I do virtual bookkeeping on my own and virtual assistance as well. My advice would be this if you want to pursue virtual positions:
Train yourself on a cloud based software like QBO or Xero and put your personal finances on there to practice with. If you’re about to graduate, than you already know bookkeeping, there’s no reason you can’t apply your personal finances as a way to practice.

You can sign up for QBO Accountant and Xero Partner Program which gives you a free version for yourself. Once you’re certified in these platforms they also list you in their directories and I’ve read a good amount of people get leads from these sources.

If you’re not concerned about finding a paying internship, then this will get you experience using the tools out there. Read their corresponding blogs as well.

Real world application is important, so keep your eye on Craigslist, Upwork, and even Facebook groups. I just got another client through a FB group myself. Upwork is also helpful in seeing the kinds of platforms people are looking for you to have experience in.

Also Robert Half and AccounTemps are staffing services for the accounting industry. You might find something through there.

Sara Russell is the owner of Column + Row Bookkeeping. Sara loves helping creative solopreneurs keep their biz finances in order.