How to start out as a bookkeeper?


Find free things to do to start, for example, you can download the QuickBooks Online and Xero Accountant platforms and go through their certification. Your accomplishment would be knowing and understanding their software. That’s a good starting place.

Additionally, it is a good time to look into building your business – the infrastructure. Will you need things like Microsoft Office, business cards, a website, things that do cost money. It would be good to begin planning on these things as well.
Look for events for networking, how will you build your business? Will you have a niche industry or work solely with businesses? Solely with individuals? A mix?
It’s good for planning and strategy.

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You should get certified before starting out as a bookkeeper. In addition to becoming a certified bookkeeper, you should also consider getting certified in a few of the leading accounting software providers, like QuickBooks and FreshBooks.
Most of the companies are more willing to hire a freelance bookkeeper who has some previous work experience. It gives you the opportunity to make contacts within the industry.
Start with an Internship at bookkeeping and accounting offices as part-time.
Once you are certified and gotten your license, it’s time to start promoting yourself as a bookkeeper.
you can always post an ad on classifieds page to let people know about your services.
I hope it helped!