How to land real estate agents and investors as my bookkeeping clients?


For education, Seth David and Gita Faust are great resources. So is

To get into the niche, look for local REIA meetings to attend. This is a great place to find investors as well as some Realtors. Attend a few, and then ask the organizer if you can be a presenter one month.

For Realtors, check with mortgage brokerages in your area and see if they host lunch and learns for Realtors. Many do. Presenting at these will likely get you a nice stack of business cards. From there, you just have to follow up.

This can be a really good niche.
Don’t let yourself get discouraged by the “hobbyists” who don’t want to pay a good price for bookkeeping services. There are some really great clients out there who will see your worth and be willing to pay for the value you provide.

Good luck!

Billie Anne Grigg is a Senior Strategic Guide at Profit First Professionals, an international network of extraordinary accountants, bookkeepers, and financial experts.