How to get my first remote/virtual bookkeeping clients?


First off, do you have clients?
If so can you ask them for referrals of other business owners that might be able to use your services?

Have you developed a brochure of the services you offer?
While trying to get virtual clients is the goal of many, you have to first have some clients. Try visiting local business that you patronize. Go dressed as a professional, have brochures and ask to speak with the manager or owner. Then be prepared to pitch your service.

Find out what these businesses are currently using and ask if it’s working the way they want. Do they need some clean up or help with keeping their bookkeeping up to date? Go in with the attitude that you are there to help them, not to just make money.

Remember regardless of how you work with clients online or onsite, they want to have some one they trust and feel comfortable with. I have met in person all of my virtual clients or been referred to them by someone that is an existing client.

Rebecca Neilson is CEO at Neilson Bookkeeping & Tax Services Inc. Rebecca is a certified QuickBooks Online & Desktop ProAdvisor and a CTEC Registered Tax Preparer.