How to get clients that are in my specific bookkeeping niche?


I started a local club for social meet ups.
It’s free to those in my community. It’s my exact target market. It offers me the ability to make real relationships and I get to come across as the local expert in my field.

It is challenging to put in the extra time to plan and my business does end up contributing financially at times, but I see it as marketing dollars spent.

Lastly, I set it up so that the club activities are communicated through Facebook. This allows me to have a forum to post pictures and create a dialog. I try not to push my business in this space. First, it keeps the relationship trust up and second it allows me to discourage other completion dialog in respect for the fact that it is a social club. I do allow for specials geared to club members only be announced, which is where I will, on occasion, post a special that I may be offering.

This may not work for all niche groups, but I have found it to be able to gain and keep loyal customer/clients.

Heather Menzer is the owner of SUP FLO.