How do you narrow down your market in order to find and target your clients?


I was in a year long marketing program that taught me a great process. It’s a worksheet identifying not just the typical “ideal client” traits, but really gets into detail about the other factors that make them a good client – they respect my time, etc. As well as what you DON’T want in a client.

In my opinion, one must also develop an ideal client profile for each niche. This can be powerful work as I discovered in the process.

My ideal client profile was the wife, gf, friend of a contractor who found themselves in the position of doing the bookkeeping and in over their head, with, of course, some other attributes.

It’s very specific and quite different from say targeting contractors themselves. I teach this in my Evolve Accountant Academy and it really makes a huge difference in your marketing – tailoring your message to that specific person.

Penny Lane is a Bookkeeping expert and a QuickBooks Pro-Advisor that helps contractors succeed financially.