How can we know if we should list our prices online or not? Do you believe it’s imperative to always list prices on the practice’s website? Will that drive more clients to sign up?


We used to include prices and found it was hurting our growth potential.
But the question shouldn’t be do I believe in it across the board. It should be is it right for my business model or not.

The smart firm owner will be intentional about building out a model.
Obviously that doesn’t mean it is the business model your business has to operate under forever. It is about trial and error. But at every step we should be honing our model – understanding more about what we want our business to look like and who we want to serve.

For us we found that when we placed our prices on the website we acquired mom and pop businesses who just wanted us to do data entry, but we are not a data entry firm, so we had to make that clear with our marketing.

That was our biggest struggle. It makes me think of Ron Baker’s saying – “Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.” We found that giving prices on our website led to misunderstandings because we were prescribing before diagnosing most of the time.
Whatever you want to do, go do it. And if putting pricing on your website serves your business model well, then do it!

Regardless of which way you go on this question, I think what sets businesses apart and makes them do really well is their ability to innovate and blaze their own trail.
Wal-Mart did this well, so high prices not advertised are not the ONLY way to make it big. But Saks 5th Avenue is still around, too, so crazy big prices not advertised isn’t a bad strategy, either. Macy’s took the middle road and they are still making it work, too.
So, whatever you want to do – be purposeful in it and when you see something that doesn’t work – fix it and keep going forward!

In our practice we found it is always a matter of necessity. Every one of our clients comes with a unique set of challenges and our one size fits all packages never worked.

Tonya Schulte is a construction accounting specialist at Schulte and Schulte. providing the “Corporate Accounting Office” for small/medium commercial construction trades.