Has anyone here taken the “Bookkeeper Business Launch” course and if so, do you feel that it was money spent wisely?


I have taken the course.

I highly encourage anyone enrolling in a course like this to first clearly identify what they want to achieve and why they need to do it. It may be the best option and worth the money or it may not. There are multiple groups on FB where excellent advice, help, feedback and insights can be gained.

It’s important to know where you are starting from (rhetorical question)… If you have zero business/bookkeeping experience then a program like BBL that helps with basic bookkeeping knowledge, exercises on a software platform (QBO in the case of BBL) and videos on things to consider and do for starting your business, marketing your business etc it could be worth every penny.

For someone with a solid business background or experience in bookkeeping/accounting or starting a successful business it may still be good if you have extra money or it may be better to understand the specific gaps you need to fill and look for something to do that.

The lifetime access is nice but I think the value of that diminishes over time and with experience UNLESS you start and then stop and want to pick it up again a year later or three yrs later. As long as the program is still going it will be there for you to pick back up (and it will be updated) at no additional charge.

The staff at BBL behind the scenes does a great job of helping people if they have difficulty with issues including understanding a concept. Right now they also will help with some guidance if you have a customer and aren’t sure how to approach a situation. They are really good people!

The FB group is often noted as a nice resource. It is. People will post questions and others jump in to support and help. It is a very positive group. You will have people who reference it 4000 people behind you. I believe it is over 5000 now who have signed up for the program over the years. However, it is a small fraction that are active consistently in the FB group. I just believe in complete transparency – the ones who are active are amazing.

The bottom line is:
1) Know what you want to achieve.
2) Know what your gaps are between current and your goal.
3) Identify training options.
4) Determine which option helps you close those gaps and achieve your goal the best.

I believe each individual must make their own decision based on facts related to their unique situation & desires. BBL is a good program but I would not recommend it for everyone. I just don’t believe in a one size fits all training program.

Last, I believe Ben would be happy to talk with you before you make your decision. He has free videos where he talks about the program and you can contact them.

What I don’t know is if he has conducted any surveys of the 5000 participants to determine how many complete the program, what is the average time from start to finish, any data on success after program such as:
1) Low mid and high income levels.
2) Niches chosen and differences in income/success by niche.
3) Drop out rate of Program etc.

If you talk with 2-3 different program offerings you may ask some questions like these to see if any of them are tracking the success of their students. It may provide some additional insight.

Good luck!

Belinda Mikel is the owner of Labrador Bookkeeping & Consulting, helping Practice Owners turn data into actionable information for better decisions & increased profitability.