Has anyone been able to land bookkeeping clients on Upwork?


Yes! I was hired by a company in March 2017, I am still working for them. I also got another client from Upwork in November 2017 which I’m still working for as well.

I had another client for a few months but they were very unresponsive and never sent me most of the items I needed to do the bookkeeping, that contract was terminated after only 3 hours over 6 months.

There’s definitely legitimate work on there but probably a lot of qualified candidates. I still send about 20 proposals per month and rarely get responses.

My only advice is don’t waste your time sending proposals to job postings that do not have a verified payment, from my experience those are fake.

Also another reason why you might not get responses is because the companies want to pay $5 per hour which is a deal breaker for me 😂😂, lol.

Robyn Elise is a full-charge Bookkeeper with a knack for numbers and an eye for detail. She has been providing bookkeeping services and managing client accounts for 7 years.