Do you think it’s important to show prices on your firm’s website?


Not always.

At my firm we don’t want the business owner who is shopping on price. So I think the decision comes down to which type of client you are targeting.

If you are doing flat fee pricing, then absolutely you could list your prices. We are doing value pricing so it’s not possible to put them online. I don’t consider it hiding the price at all. I agree pricing is a factor, but don’t want it to be the main factor with our clients. It’s the value we are bringing to their business.

If your niche is small clients that are price oriented then it makes perfect sense to show your prices on your website. We are in a different space and our clients’ sweet spot of revenue is in the $3-6M range. And so pricing isn’t what we want them to focus on. The decision to put prices on your site depends upon who you are targeting and your business model.

How can you be value pricing if your prices are on your website?

If you do ‘Prices Starting From…’, then I get it, otherwise not sure how the two could work together. Although it’s a catch 22 because ‘Prices Starting From’ anchors you to the lowest possible price.

We want to avoid the clients who aren’t a good fit for us which are the small start ups. We were spending too much time talking to those leads. Would love to hear how others get around that.

Juliet Aurora is a Global Intuit Firm Of The Future Winner and QuickBooks Specialist. She is President & CEO of AIS Solutions and the Co-Founder of Kninja Knetwork.